Creative Practice

At Infamy Apparel we see our creations as forms of art with the ability to create new realities for our community. To that end we are always available to discuss potential activations or community events which prioritise the visibility of FAT BBIPOC Queer bodies.

Over the years we have been involved in guerilla runways, event activations, formal runways and charity events - always with the sole purpose of uplifting our community and hoping that they could see themselves as we do. 

Infamy is passionate about not only making space for our fat community but showcasing our intrinsic excellence and beauty. With our eventual goal being that we no longer have to make space in the industry - we are the navigators and the industry follows us. 

Send us your idea or proposal using the contact feature if you have an event or project that you would like to collaborate on.

This form is not for custom booking enquiries and please note that any speaking events will need to include appropriate provision for travel and time, particularly for non-community entities.