Our story


Founded by designer Amy Lautogo in 2019, Infamy Apparel is a revolutionary fashion house dedicated to fat advocacy and inclusivity through fashion.

Through Infamy Apparel Amy purposefully de-genders and de-colonises high fashion and celebrates the bodies the fashion industry has long marginalised and excluded from popular culture.  

Her designs are an inspiring, unapologetic celebration of body and gender diversity. 

Through the use of beautiful fabrics, bold palettes, masterful draping and the exploration of scale to deliberately enhance the curves and power of the human form, Amy busts size and gender stereotypes and reveals potential of fashion to empower all people.  

Having moved from beautiful Manurewa to sunny Gisborne Amy has been able to take a step back and look at structuring what Infamy Apparel offers in a way that is sustainable both creatively and personally.

Amy's ultimate goal has always been to navigate towards equity in the fashion space which has started with Couture offerings and will move into ready-to-wear however, these things cannot be rushed without sacrificing our integrity.

In addition, she is splitting her time between designing and completing her Bachelors in Indigenous Psychology with a particular focus on fat Pasifika Queer bodies and how she can best support her community through this new era.

IN FRAME | Infamy Apparel from Sour Heart Productions on Vimeo.